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Dryad provides ultra-early wildfire detection as well as health and growth monitoring solutions for public and private forests.


At Dryad, we believe in open industry standards to enable integration with a wide range of 3rd party wildfire sensors and extend the range of data provided to our analytics platform.

Standards, LoRaWAN, 4G, LTE-M, 3GPP, 2G, GPRS, Mesh Network, LPWAN, IoT, Open Standards


Our network is based on LoRaWAN, the leading standard for long-range IoT.

Open for integration of 3rd party sensors and applications, no single-vendor lock-in.

Distributed, Mesh Network, Network, Wireless,LoRaWAN, Solar-powered, Forest, IoT Sensors, large-scale, sensor network, environmental sensors, temperature, humidity, gas sensors


Scalable, distributed architecture supports millions of low-cost sensors.

Enables large scale country or continent-wide deployment of sensor networks.

Analytics, Cloud-based analytics, alert, SMS, EMail, Wildfire, Amazon Web Services, AWS, hosted, infrastructure, network


Cloud big data tools for analytics, monitoring and alerting.

Ultra-early wildfire detection during critical smoldering phase.

Actionable information and tools for forest owners.

About Dryad Background


We use a large-scale IoT network of sensors to detect wildfires and to provide valuable forest insights and analytics.

Story, Dryad, Wildfire, Gas Sensors, Forest, Fire, Detection, Sensor, Climate Change, IoT, Climatetech, Greentech, Climatechange, Berlin, Brandenburg


After several successful startups and exits in IT, electronics and telecommunications, we now want to apply our expertise to solve real-world problems. Witnessing forest fires increasingly threatening the world's largest carbon sink compelled us to think of innovative solutions to protect our invaluable natural resources by harnessing the power of nature and technology.

Mission, Climate Change, Wildfire detection, Climate Tech, Dryad Networks, Forest Fire, Sensor, IoT, Climate Change


In Greek mythology, dryads are tree spirits living in symbiotic relationship with their hosts. Our artificial 'Dryads' monitor, analyze and protect forests using cutting-edge technology. Our mission is to tackle wildfires via early detection, monitor the vitality and growth of forests and other vital ecosystems, and to protect and restore the critical natural resources upon which we all depend.

Technology, LoRaWAN, IOT Sensor, Gas Sensor, BME 688, Bosch, Solar powered, Supercapacitors, energy harvesting, mesh networking


Dryad develops a wireless environmental sensor network based on LoRaWAN: the leading open-standard for long-range radio IoT networks. Our patent-pending distributed architecture enables large-scale deployments in areas without existing network coverage. Data collected in the network is processed using cloud-based big data tools for analytics, monitoring and alerting.



Our technology has many use-cases and brings immense value to many sectors. 


Protect your vital natural assets and ecosystems with our revolutionary Silvanet wildfire detection technology.​​

Fire fighters battling a fire

When it comes to fighting wildfires, speed is everything. Silvanet detects fires during their early smoldering phase enabling response teams to extinguish them easily and safely.

Image by Jason Richard

Power and transport infrastructure is a leading cause of wildfires. Protect against liabilities with our cost-effective, scalable and durable solution.

Forested landscape

Our technology is highly adaptable to various needs and use-cases, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any other enquiries.

Image by Sebastian Unrau


Our resellers support us in scaling our product around the world to protect more vital forests from wildfires. If you want to join this mission and work with us, we'd love to hear from you. 

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Silvanet applications background


While our initial focus is to develop a forest fire protection system, our technology has the potential to be applied to other ecosystems including lakes, rivers and oceans.

We have several live R&D projects looking at future applications for the digital forest.


Forest, Trees, Foresty, Environmental Data, Humidity, Air Pressure, Tree Growth, Dendrometer, Sap flow, fuel moisture, illegal logging, communications, sensor network, IoT

Wildfire alerts, chainsaw noise detection, measuring humidity, drought, growth and health


Air, temperature, pollution, humidity, air pressure, VOC, Ozone, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide

Analyzing air quality, CO2, NOX and VOC levels, wind speed, humidity and temperature


Water, O2 concentration, Temperature, Flooding, Tsunami Warning, Toxic Waste, Pollution

Measuring O2 concentration, pesticides, temperature, flow speed and water levels


Farming, Irrigation control, soil moisture, humidity, temerpature

Measuring moisture levels for automated irrigation

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