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Early Detection Saves Forests: Discover the Game-Changing Technology

Homes reduced to ash. Lungs choked with smoke. Billions wasted in the aftermath. This is the devastating reality of uncontrolled wildfires. Yet, the true threat remains hidden, fueling climate change and endangering us all.

In 2018, the California Camp Fire turned a town into a wasteland, causing 85 deaths and $16.5 billion in damage. With early detection technology, this destruction could have been significantly minimized. Discover how in our wildfire prevention whitepaper.

​Download our data-driven whitepaper to explore:

  • The Hidden Climate Culprit: Wildfires pump massive, unaccounted-for emissions into our atmosphere, worsening the climate crisis.

  • Health in Peril: Wildfire smoke isn't just an inconvenience; it leads to serious respiratory and heart problems.

  • Shocking Economic Toll: Wildfires cost communities, businesses, and entire economies billions of dollars every year.

  • The Power of Early Detection: Discover how detecting wildfires within the first hour can save forests, homes, and lives.

...and much more!

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