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Support us in scaling our game-changing wildfire detection technology around the world by becoming a Dryad Reseller Partner.

Dryad's Silvanet technology brings IoT to the forest by deploying a mesh network of solar-powered sensors. By detecting smoldering fires within minutes, our solution prevents megafires and fights climate change. 

Join a VC-backed green-tech startup on our mission to scale Silvanet around the world:  saving 3.9 million hectares of rainforest, preventing 1.7 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions and mitigating the $140 billion in wildfire-related economic losses.

Image by Sebastian Unrau

Why Become a Dryad Reseller?

Award-winning Technology

Our revolutionary approach to detecting wildfires early continues to win awards and is supported by a range of Venture Capital and public investment funds.

We have several patents pending for our end-to-end technology solution and both our hardware and software is developed in-house.


Develop your own customer relationships with onboarding, marketing and branding support available to help you maximize sales.

Becoming an authorized Dryad Reseller Partner gives you ownership of the entire customer cycle, from purchasing to aftersales.

Business Model

Our business model blends cost-effective hardware sales as well as ongoing annual recurring revenue (ARR) via platform subscriptions.

By combining hardware sales with software-as-a-service (SaaS), our business model is robust and sustainable. 

Who Can Become a Dryad Reseller?

We welcome enquiries from organizations with expertise and experience in the following fields:

Picnic Benches

Forestry and

State Parks

Climbing on Power Pole

Utilities and Grid

Old Building

Government, Municipality and Local Authority

Rapid transit railway

Transport Infrastructure

Forest Fires

Firefighting and Disaster Response

Network Hub and Cable

Mobile Networks

and IoT


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