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As a technology-driven startup, Dryad collaborates with academic institutions and organizations of all kinds to enhance our innovative capacity and to continue developing groundbreaking technologies.


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Though our initial focus has been game-changing wildfire detection, we plan to keep delivering cutting-edge innovation in the digital forest space in order to protect, safeguard and bolster these vital natural assets.


Alongside accelerating the deployment of our ultra-early wildfire detection sensor network, how else can we protect forests?

Our future plans including adding features to Silvanet such as chainsaw noise detection to combat illegal logging, advanced forest health monitoring, and sensor-based predictive risk analytics.


Our overarching mission is to save, maintain and bolster forests around the world. 

This can be done using a combination of reactive measures such as wildfire detection as well as proactive ones like providing forestry managers with the tools and data they need to maximize the health and growth of their forests.



As part of our mission to digitize the forest, we have several R&D projects in the pipeline.

mFUND Project

The mFund Project will explore new ways of measuring wildfire risk by sensing moisture levels on the ground inside forests.                                                                                                        

Start date:

June 1, 2023

PG&E Collaboration

Since November 2022, Dryad has been collaborating with US utilities giant Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) to help tackle 'pole fires' occurring among their grid infrastructure.                                  

Start date:

November 1, 2022

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