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Our sustainability principles guide our corporate goals and commitments. Our suite of wildfire detection technologies protect our vital ecosystems. Learn more about how we minimize our own environmental impact. 

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Sustainability to us means meeting today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The concept of sustainability is composed of three pillars: economic, environmental, and social—often informally referred to as  profits, planet, and people.

Our first mission is to greatly reduce the reaction time for tackling forest fires. We also aim to enable our customers to monitor the vitality and growth of their forests and other ecosystems, helping to protect and restore our vital natural resources. We will continually review our own production processes, supply chains and operations to minimize the environmental impact of our products.

We will always optimize our products, processes, supply chains and operations from a green perspective. Our sensors and gateways operate entirely on solar power, removing the need for the potentially toxic lithium-ion batteries used in most IoT devices. We select our suppliers and review our operations using stringent green criteria to minimize our own environmental footprint.

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The impact of wildfires on our planet's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as defined by the United Nations is catastrophic.

SDG-13, Climate Action, Carbon reduction, Cmilate Change, Climate Crisis

Wildfires cause 7.8 billion tons CO2 emissions (20% of global emissions).

SDG-15, Sustainable Development Goals, Forests, Carbon sink, Carbon Sequestration, Avoided emissions from Reduced wildfires, REDD+, REDD

Each year, more than 3 billion animals perish in wildfires.

SDG 9, Sustainable Development Goals, Industry, Infrastructure, Financial Damages due to wildfires, Wildfire Prevention, Wildfire Suppression

Wildfires cause $140 billion of financial damages annually.

SDG 3, Sustainable Development Goals, Pollution, Cancer Risk, Wildfires, Risk, Death, Fire Fighters

Wildfire haze contains toxic materials that can lead to respiratory illnesses and an array of health issues.

Based on our ambitious growth plans to apply our technologies around the world to prevent wildfires, we commit to achieving the following SDG-related goals by 2030:


CO2 emissions prevented (tons)


animals saved from wildfires


protected economic loss


cases prevented

By preventing 3.9m hectares from burning, we will protect the world’s largest carbon sink.

By preventing wildfires, we will protect the homes and habitats of 75% the planet's land-based biodiversity.

Minimizing forest fires prevents related damages to property, infrastructure and loss of business.

Preventing wildfire haze will protect people from a great deal of respiratory illnesses.

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We are committed to review our entire process from designing the products over delivery and eventual recycling to with the goals to optimize all aspects for minimizing our environmental impact.


  • Avoiding Hazardous Substances​

  • Minimizing Energy Consumption​

  • Maintenance Free​

  • ​Reducing Components

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  • Supplier Selection

  • ​3Rs

  • ​Green Energy Sources

  • ​Conflict-Free Metals

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  • Hazardous Substance Control

  • ​Energy Efficient Technology

  • ​3Rs & Waste Management


  • Green Packaging

  • ​Green Logistics

  • ​Disassembly Recycle Plants

  • Final Treatment Landfill Company

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Sustainable Development Goals
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