[RECAP] Dryad Networks at GREENTECH FESTIVAL 2022

On June 22th and 23th, Dryad Networks had the opportunity to exhibit at the #greentechfestival2022 in Berlin TXL. The exhibition was a real success and gave us the opportunity to make connections with other startups in the green tech space.

Throughout the 2-day exhibition, we presented our ultra-early wildfire detection system - #Silvanet -to other sustainable businesses, media and visitors of the trade show. We appreciate all the interest, support and positive feedback regarding our technology. This is a strong motivation for us to keep developing our system for even higher efficiency and reliability in the near future.

With other Startups in the de:hub community

As we said during the festival: “This may be a niche market, but the problem is huge.” We believe that with wide adoption of our #Silvanet solution, we can help in the fight against climate change, saving our precious forests from devastating wildfires, millions of wild animals from dying and prevent billions of $ in damages caused by wildfires.

And we would like to thank 5-HT Digital Hub - Chemistry & Health so much or the opportunity to exhibit at #greentechfestival2022!

Here are some pictures from the festival:


Visitors attending the event

Dryad Networks Marketing team

Introducing our product

Introducing our product

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