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RECAP of Dryad exhibiting at the 6th KWF Theme Days

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

We are pleased to announce that Dryad's three-day show at the 6th KWF Theme Days was a big success. We have received a lot of excellent feedback from our visitors regarding the system's performance throughout the trade fair.

Dryad exhibiting at the 6th KWF Theme Days

Dryad and Bosch exhibition site

This was the first time, in collaboration with our partner Bosch, that we presented our product in live operation on a trade show. Dryad's Silvanet worked flawlessly together with Bosch’s camera and autonomous drone to recognize a small fire. The combination of ultra-early detection (using our solar-powered gas sensors) complemented with a camera system and an autonomous drone system for verification is a unique combination providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Bosch's autonomous drone

Bosch's autonomous drone

Despite various disturbances from cars, people and other equipment, our Silvanet Wildfire sensor repeatedly detected a small fire from more than 80m distance with no false positives. 50+ alarm messages triggered within just a few hours indicated how impressively reliable and sensitive the entire Silvanet system was. In fact, the system was working so well, we started to annoy others with constant beeps and alarms throughout the day 😂.

Silvanet system setup

Silvanet system setup

Silvanet operation

We want to express our profound appreciation to the entire technical team for the last two years of hard work, brining this impressive system to life and successfully operating it throughout the exhibition. It was truly rewarding to get a lot of positive feedback from visitors who were genuinely impressed with the system.

We have completed the development of an end-to-end wildfire detection system that is unmatched on the market! And may our Silvanet will soon be operated in many forests around the world, protecting our precious forest for the future of our next generation!

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Horst Schrader
Horst Schrader
Apr 08, 2022

Congratulations to Dryad and it’s team From here : keep on keeping on !

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