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  • Carsten Brinkschulte

Dryad Presenting at FireTech Expo

Updated: Feb 22

Dryad presents our ultra-early warning system for wildfires at the FireTech Expo.

The FireTech 2021 Technology & Innovation Expo brings together Tech, Industry, Emergency service agencies, Research and Government to showcase the latest technology and Innovation in the firetech sector and provide insights from sector experts.

The program includes:

  • A virtual expo where delegates can explore the virtual expo hall and engage with over 50 companies exhibiting their technology solutions in early detection, Data, Satellites, Sensor networks, Robotics, AI, Advanced Suppressants, Big Data and Cloud Platforms.

  • Featuring case studies of the latest tech in action and reaping the benefits of firetech.

  • Exploring how the investment in mitigation technologies can radically reduce recovery costs.

Dryad will showcase the Silvanet solution for ultra-early detection of wildfires using solar-powered gas sensor and a large-scale IoT sensor network based on the industry standard LoRaWAN.

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