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  • Ben Jones

Forbes Article: Startups Think They Can Beat Wildfires, But Insurance Companies Aren’t Buying It Yet

Dryad Networks and our CEO and Co-founder was featured in a recent Forbes article, which explored the growing 'firetech' industry.

The article discusses the increasing interest and investment by venture capitalists (VCs) in "firetech" startups aiming to address the growing wildfire crisis, particularly in California. Bill Clerico, a VC with a personal connection to the issue, founded Convective Capital, the first firm exclusively dedicated to firetech startups.

The article highlights a pilot program by CAL FIRE testing Dryad's very own AI-powered gas sensors. Carsten discusses the potential for Dryad's technology to mitigate wildfires and impact the insurance market by reducing response times.

Utility companies, particularly PG&E, show interest in firetech, participating in initiatives like the XPrize Wildfire, offering an $11 million prize to tackle destructive wildfires.

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