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Dryad featured in Nanalyze

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

We are proud to be featured in an article on Nanalyze about Swarm Technologies. The article features our partner Swarm (now part of SpaceX) and their satellites enabling #IoT devices to affordably operate in any location.

Swarm’s constellation of 120 satellites covers every point on Earth, enabling data to be transmitted from even the most remote corners of the world. Our #Silvanet Border Gateway comes with a built-in Swarm modem, and can be deployed deeply in the forest sending out wildfire alerts where there is no mobile network coverage.

Read more about how Swarm’s #IoT network is being used and how this technology assist us in detecting forest wildfires here:

About Swarm Technologies

Swarm Technologies is an Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity services provider which provides low-bandwidth satellite connectivity, enabling IoT devices to operate in any location at an affordable price. ​​Once Swarm has launched their full constellation of 150 satellites, every point on Earth will have at least 3 satellites covering it at all times, allowing data to be transmitted from areas without mobile network coverage.

Learn more about Swarm:

About Nanalyze

Nanalyze is a specialized media and research organization formed by experienced finance professionals. Their research method includes going through vast volumes of information released by specialists in the public domain, followed by regular meetings and discussions with founders and industry participants to validate and strengthen our results.

Learn more about Nanalyze:

Dryad featured in Nanalyze

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