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Dryad featured in Products with Purpose Podcast by Eli Harrell

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

On the journey of launching an impact start-up, there may be several obstacles that can prevent founders from accomplishing their goals. There can be a challenge to attract co-founders and partners, or the challenge to define the USP of the product and of course the challenge to win investors. And perhaps most importantly, the distractions that may arise and drag the company away from the original purpose, the impact the founders want to achieve. If you are starting an impact company and these obstacles sound familiar, the following may be for you:

We are delighted to have Dryad's story featured on the 19th episode of Products with Purpose by Eli Harrell. The podcast is now available for listening on Spotify.

In this podcast, you'll discover a variety of intriguing and useful insight on how you can overcome those obstacles and continue operating as you originally want to, including:

- How to overcome the difficulty of securing funding for your idea

- How to recruit exceptional co-founders and partners

- How to prevent being distracted from your impact vision by business opportunities

- The critical relevance of quantifying your impact

Through this podcast, we want to share our perspectives and experiences with everyone who has the same passion for the environment and entrepreneurship. We hope that listening to this interview will inspire others to launch their own projects and assist successful impact entrepreneurs in their endeavors.

About Products with Purpose

Products with Purpose podcast series is founded by Eli Harrell - founder of with over two decades of analyzing customer journeys and developing teams and systems that address the diverse demands of clients ranging from consumer to enterprise.

The series consists of different interviews with people who are going all in to make a difference and create real impact. The objective of Products with Purpose is to get the most useful insights from individuals who are developing products and businesses that will ultimately focus on resolving problems on this planet and beyond.

Dryad featured in Products with Purpose Podcast by Eli Harrell

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