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Vodafone Partners with Dryad Networks to Launch AI-Driven Forest Fire Detection System in Andalusia

Vodafone, in collaboration with Dryad Networks, has introduced a groundbreaking forest fire detection system powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

vodafone launch dryad's silvanet
Credit: Europa Press

The technology, Dryad Networks' Silvanet, was showcased in a practical demonstration in El Romeral, Antequera earlier this month. This innovative solution functions as a digital "nose," capable of real-time alerts, revolutionizing the approach to forest fire prevention.

Antonio Sanz, Counselor for Presidency, Interior, Social Dialogue, and Administrative Simplification, highlighted the significance of this partnership. "Andalusia is once again at the forefront and is a pioneer when it comes to launching technological projects and projects for the safety of citizens. In the end, what it's about is taking advantage of the opportunities that digital life offers us to improve people's lives, in this case, to enhance people's security."

The collaboration between Vodafone and Dryad Networks leverages Silvanet's advanced sensor network, capable of detecting various gasses and organic compounds in the atmosphere. Coupled with embedded artificial intelligence, the system can identify particles produced in the initial minutes of combustion, enabling swift fire detection and containment.

Rafael Alcaide, Territorial Director of Vodafone in Andalusia, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, "This collaboration allows us to contribute our expertise to respond to important problems, offering an effective solution that serves to anticipate the devastation generated by forest fires and alleviate their impact."

This innovative technology, powered by Dryad Networks' Silvanet, facilitates the identification of fires at their smouldering phase, enabling rapid control and extinguishment to minimize their impact. The system's capability to produce fire alerts within minutes, even during slow combustion, marks a significant advancement in forest fire prevention.

Over the coming months, the newly introduced solution will undergo rigorous testing to evaluate its effectiveness in early detection and prevention of forest fires. With this pioneering technology, Andalusia is making significant strides in leveraging Artificial Intelligence and advanced technologies, bolstering public safety and protecting vital green areas.

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