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  • Ben Jones

Silvanet Sensors Transform Sicilian Town's Firefighting Efforts

Our Silvanet Suite was recently featured on Italy’s Rai News.

Watch the segment below (in Italian):

Footage courtesy of Rai News.


In the heart of Italy, in the region of Enna, a small town called Troina is making significant strides in forest fire prevention with the help of innovative technology. In collaboration with our reseller partner A2NET, Dryad Networks’ Silvanet sensors are proving effective in safeguarding the forests and the environment.

The deployment of these smart sensors marks a significant step in the firefighting of the future. These sensors are designed to detect and alert authorities about potential fires, enabling swift intervention to prevent large-scale disasters.

What sets these sensors apart is their solar-powered operation, installed directly on tree trunks at a height of around 3 meters. This allows them to effectively monitor the forest's health. Capable of distinguishing various types of smoke to avoid false alarms, these sensors provide accurate GPS information about fire outbreaks, enabling authorities to intervene quickly and effectively when needed.

The cost-effectiveness of this technology is significant, with each sensor priced at €100. With Troina having 4,000 hectares of forest to protect, the municipality considers this investment essential, not just for fire prevention but also for long-term economic viability and environmental protection.

The potential impact of this experiment extends beyond Troina, setting an example for other small municipalities to invest in similar technologies. By embracing new and innovative solutions, these communities can protect their natural surroundings and address problems arising from natural disasters.

As this experiment expands from the park to the mountains, it opens up possibilities for a future where smart sensors play a crucial role in preventing and mitigating the devastating effects of forest fires. With the ability to reach remote areas and provide real-time data, this technology holds the potential to transform forest fire prevention efforts not only in Italy but globally.

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