Dryad wins Innovation Award Berlin-Brandenburg

Wow! Dryad is officially one of the 5 most innovative companies in Berlin-Brandenburg! We won the prestigious Innovation Award ("Innovationspeis") Berlin-Brandenburg for Silvanet, our system for ultra-early detection of wildfires using AI-power gas sensors. Thank you Berlin, thank you Brandenburg for this recognition. We will strive to make you proud. Here's our video (German): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiwDwJT8d_A Congratulations also to the other winners: DeepSpin, HPS Home Power Solutions GmbH, Koppla, KNAUER and codary!🏅 This is truly an innovative group.

Here's the link to the innovation award: https://www.innovationspreis.de/pn/preistraeger-2021/

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