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Dryad Networks Welcomes Martin Kropat as Chief Operating Officer

Martin Kropat

Dryad Networks is thrilled to announce the appointment of Martin Kropat as our first Chief Operating Officer (COO). With an illustrious career spanning various roles in Operations, Product Management, and Business Development, Martin brings a wealth of global corporate experience to our team.

Martin's journey in the tech industry began at Siemens and Qualcomm, where he honed his skills in mobile networks, mobile devices, and platform technology. Over the years, he has played pivotal roles in innovative companies such as DxO, German Autolabs and Mitte.

Martin held the position of Head of Operations at German Autolabs, where he played a role in the development of Chris, the first digital co-driver, with a focus on safer and smarter mobility experiences.

With a track record of building successful Operations teams in both San Francisco and Berlin, Martin is a trusted leader in the connected technology startup scene. His expertise extends to contract manufacturing in Asia and Europe, showcasing his ability to navigate the intricacies of diverse markets.

A native German with 17 years of experience in California, Martin's passion for innovation is reflected in his work on products that improve lives and contribute to a more sustainable future. He has been an integral part of projects ranging from Augmented Reality motorcycle helmets to advanced image processing technologies.

Beyond his professional achievements, Martin has a personal connection to Dryad’s mission. Having witnessed two wildfires while living in San Diego, Martin has seen firsthand their devastating consequences, further boosting his dedication to creating products that contribute positively to the planet.

We are confident that Martin's diverse skill set, leadership acumen, and passion for innovation make him a valuable addition to Dryad Networks as we continue to grow and advance our mission of tackling wildfires via ultra-early detection.

Please join us in welcoming Martin Kropat to the Dryad Networks family!

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