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Dryad Networks CEO Addresses Firefighting Technology Innovations at Future of Firefighting Event

In a recent engagement at Schönhagen Airport, Dryad Networks' CEO and Co-founder, Carsten Brinkschulte, was invited to speak at an event focusing on advancements in firefighting technology. The gathering, hosted at the airport south of Berlin, was part of the Feuerwehr der Zukunft’s (‘The Future of Firefighting’) Alliance Meetings. These meetings are convened to discuss challenges for the emergency services and innovations that could help to address them.

carsten brinkschulte pitching

The event drew in around 30 participants, providing a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration among professionals involved in firefighting and related research. Presentations included insights into Project PEELIKAN, an initiative under Feuerwehr der Zukunft aiming to develop heavy drones for firefighting missions.

Another presentation discussed an ongoing project to create an ERP system for fire brigades, resembling an SAP-like Firefighters' Information System (FIS). Both projects are funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) within the programme ‘WIR! – Wandel durch Innovation in der Region’ (‘Change through innovation in regions’) that focuses on supporting innovation projects in Germany’s former lignite (brown coal) mining regions.

Carsten was invited as a guest presenter to introduce Dryad Networks' sensor-based wildfire detection system: Silvanet. This technology provides ultra-early wildfire detection via a network of AI-supported sensors that are deployed directly in the forest. Silvanet possesses particular significance in regions like southern Brandenburg where the threat of wildfires is a growing concern.

"Amidst the challenges posed by wildfires, our commitment at Dryad Networks is rooted in developing technology that doesn't just detect fires but empowers communities with the early warnings they need. In collaboration with like-minded innovators, we navigate the complexities of firefighting technology, striving for solutions that make a meaningful impact on the safety and resilience of our environment," said Carsten following the event.

The event facilitated networking opportunities for Dryad Networks, fostering local connections within the southern Brandenburg region. The company gained insights into various firefighting-related initiatives, potentially paving the way for future fruitful collaborations.

Carsten's presentation received positive feedback from an audience with backgrounds in firefighting or related research projects. This acknowledgment reinforces the value of Dryad Networks' contributions to wildfire prevention technology.

Dryad Networks' involvement in this event underscores its commitment to staying informed about and contributing to advancements in firefighting technology. As the company continues to scale its wildfire detection technology globally, the connections established during this event could play a crucial role in advancing collaborative efforts towards enhanced firefighting capabilities.

silvanet wildfire sensor

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