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Dryad is one out 10 semi finalists in the energy & environment category for Top Tier Impact Awards

The 2021 TTI Global Impact Awards give recognition to the most impactful innovators in sustainability and equality, worldwide. Dryad made it to the list of 10 semi-finalists of 2021 TTI Global Impact Awards for the energy & environment category.

The “Energy & Environment” category of the TTI Global Impact Awards looks at how to transition the entire sector into a sustainable paradigm by reducing carbon emissions, building resilience to climate change and restoring our ecosystems below water and on land.

Dryad is in the list of 10 semi-finalists providing breakthrough technologies to produce electricity through air, recycle industrial wastewater, convert waste biomass into green hydrogen, detect wildfires ultra-early, replace petroleum and cement...

Here is the award list:

The Oscars Ceremony of Global Impact for Europas is happening on Tuesday, August 17th 2021, 10am New York / 4pm London / 10pm Singapore, please find the link to the virtual conference and awards ceremony here.

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