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  • Ben Jones

Dryad CEO Carsten Brinkschulte Pitches Silvanet at the Things Industries Conference in Amsterdam

At the recent TTI Event in Amsterdam, Dryad Networks' CEO Carsten Brinkschulte was given the opportunity to introduce pitch our Silvanet wildfire detection and forest health monitoring solution.

The event, known for its tech-focused discussions centered around LoRaWAN technology, provided a platform for engaging discussions. Carsten was able to share some of our latest developments, including the new gateway designs for our Silvanet devices.

These devices offer a large-scale, solar-powered mesh networking infrastructure specifically designed for forest environments. Among the key applications highlighted was the ultra-early detection of wildfires, made possible through embedded AI in Dryad's gas sensors. The event not only allowed Dryad Networks to share their progress but also provided an invaluable opportunity to receive feedback from an actively involved audience. Thank you to the event organisers and to everyone who attended.

graphic showing wildfire detection speeds

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