COP26: Emissions from wildfires must be included in national carbon budgets

With all eyes on COP26, now is the time for politicians across the globe to change how they measure their carbon budgets. Carbon emissions from wildfires are currently not accounted for in nations’ carbon budgets because there is a belief that wildfires are carbon neutral, when in fact they are a massive net contributor. We can’t wait 100 years for the wildfire emissions to be reabsorbed as the forest regrows. During the critical time-window we have left to tackle the climate crisis, wildfires are responsible for a whopping 20% of CO2emissions - so a failure to include them makes a mockery of carbon budgets. As we look to governments to set out bold new carbon-cutting initiatives at COP26, it’s imperative that we balance these with carbon budgets that are fit for purpose.

Dryad is attending COP26 next week from Nov 9 - 11th. Please get in touch if you are attending and lets schedule a meeting to discuss wildfires, technology to prevent them, carbon budgets and carbon credits.

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