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  • Carsten Brinkschulte

BOSCH Releases 'Protecting Giants' Video, Showcasing Dryad's Silvanet

Updated: Feb 16

Our partner Bosch just shared a great video and article on how Dryad is using the Bosch BME688 gas sensor for ultra-early detection of wildfires.

Thanks for a great video shoot and looking forward to continue our successful collaboration with Bosch Sensortec GmbH and Bosch Energy and Building Solutions. We are looking forward to make a difference in the world and protect the world's forests from destructive wildfires. We need to scale and deploy fast and wide to put a dent into the 20% of global CO2 emissions coming from #wildfires, protect #biodiversity and help to mitigate #climatechange by protecting the world's largest carbon sink - the forests.

As an impact for profit, Dryad's mission is to maximize impact while at the same time scaling revenue and profitability. Fortunately, impact and profit is not a contradiction, but actually synergistic. Climate Change is the largest threat that humanity has ever faced and consequently, tackling it is the biggest business opportunity, ever. We are working on 20% of the problem.

Direct link to the video:

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