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Dryad provides ultra-early fire detection as well as health & growth monitoring solutions for public and private forests.

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About Dyrad

Using Dryad's large-scale IOT network, sensors can detect wildfires and provide valuable insights into the micro climate and growth of the forest.

Our Story

After several successful startups and exits in IT, electronics and telecommunications, we are now ready to apply our expertise to solve real-world problems. Witnessing forest fires increasingly threatening the world's largest carbon sink triggered us to think of technological solutions to protect our invaluable natural resources with a symbiosis of nature and technology.

Our Story

In Greek mythology, Dryads are tree spirits living in symbiotic relationship with their hosts. Our artificial "Dryads" monitor, analyze and protect the forest using cutting-edge technology. Our mission is to reduce reaction time for forest fires, monitor the vitality and growth of the forest as well as other vital ecosystems, helping to protect and restore our vital natural resources.

Our Technology

Dryad is developing a wireless environmental sensor network based on LoRaWAN, the leading open-standard for long-range radio IOT networks. Our patent-pending distributed architecture enables large-scale deployments in areas without existing network coverage. Data collected in the network is processed in cloud-based big-data tools providing analytics, monitoring and alerting.



At Dyrad, we believe in open industry standards enabling integration with a wide range of 3rd party sensors to extend the range of data provided to our analytics platform.


Based on LoRaWAN, the leading open-standards-based long-range radio network for IoT.

Open for integration of 3rd party sensors and applications, no single-vendor lock-in.


Scalable, distributed architecture supporting millions of low-cost sensors.

Enables large-scale (country or continent-wide) deployment of sensor networks.


Cloud-based big-data tools for analytics, monitoring and alerting.

Ultra-early detection of forest fires during smoldering phase.

Actionable information and tools for forest owners.


Using Dryad's large-scale IOT network, sensors can detect wildfires and provide valuable insights into the micro climate and growth of the forest.


Alerting forest fires, indication of humidity (drought), growth / health


Measuring pesticides and O2 concentration, temperature flow speed and water levels


Analyzing air quality, CO2, NOX and VOC levels, wind speed, humidity and temperature


Measuring moisture level to automate and increase efficiency of irrigation

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