How many sensors/mesh gateways/border gateways are needed to cover a forest?

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Different forests and terrains require different solutions. Fewer sensors are required in lower risk areas such as remote locations. Nearer to infrastructure and areas of human activity (such as roads, campsites and railways), a denser deployment of sensors, mesh gateways and border gateways will be required.


How does Dryad’s Silvanet wildfire detection system work?

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Dryad’s Silvanet detects wildfires during their smoldering phase using highly precise gas sensors that can detect hydrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other gasses to a parts-per-million (PPM) accuracy. Simply put, if ocular systems such as satellites, drones and CCTV cameras can be said to ‘see’ fires, then Dryad’s Silvanet can be said to ‘smell’ them.